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Improving chip seal performance | Asphalt magazine

• Application rates must be selected to fit site conditions. Proper binder and aggregate application rates result in durable, long-lasting chip seals. The binder rate should be adjusted if the existing surface is absorbent, weathered or flushed and should take into consideration the traffic count.

Chip Seal Checklist

for a chip seal application (emulsion based, asphalt rubber, or hot applied). • Limit existing rutting to less than ⅜ in. in depth. • Determine the type, amount, and severity of existing cracks. Chip seals should not be used on pavements with structural distress. • Limit the average daily traffic and percentage of commercial vehicles to the


Chip seals or seal coats, are a pavement preservation method constructed using a layer of asphalt binder that is covered by a uniformly graded aggregate. The benefits of chip seal include: sealing surface ... Table 3.3: Binder Application Rate, Chip Application Rate and Aggregate Source .....57 Table 4.1: An Example of Pavement Distress Data ...

Getting the Most from “Chip seal is the application of an ...

Getting the Most from Chip Seals Understanding Chip Seals • Benefits and Limitations • Design and material selection • Proper construction methods/techniques • Variations • Types of failures and causes “Chip seal is the application of an asphalt binder to a pavement surface which is covered by a …

Single, Double, High Performance and Bituminous Chip Seals

A Single Chip Seal is an extremely cost effective surface application used to maintain, protect and prolong the life of an asphalt pavement. Soft, flexible, polymer modified asphalt emulsion is applied directly to the pavement followed by an application of #8 or ¼ inch aggregate.

Calculator - Chip Sealing Emulsion Calculator - HG Meigs LLC

H.G. Meigs, LLC for 70 years has been a midwest supplier of bituminous products including Asphalt Cements to Asphalt Cutbacks and Asphalt Emulsions. We also have our own dedicated truck fleet with distributor trucks available for customer emulsion applications. Explore our …

Federal Highway Administration

2002 Pavement Preservation Checklists 2019 Pavement Preservation Checklists; Crack Seal Application, FHWA-IF-02-005; Chip Seal Application, FHWA-IF-02-046; Thin Hot Mix Application, FHWA-IF-02-049; Fog Seal Application, FHWA-IF-03-001; Microsurfacing Application, FHWA-IF-03-002; Joint Sealing Portland Cement Concrete Pavements, FHWA-IF-03-003; Diamond Grinding of …

Chip Seal Performance Measures--Best Practices

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has a long history of designing, constructing, and maintaining chip seal or bituminous surface treatment pavements. However, to date WSDOT has not developed pavement performance indicators or models to predict chip seal service life, but rather assumes an average life of 6 to 8 years.

CHAPTER Chipseal Design - NZ Transport Agency

Practitioners had developed their own relationships such as adding the single coat binder application rates for the two chip sizes and then taking 75% of this rate. In the 1993 Manual a design method was given for two coat seals. This method was adapted from …

CHAPTER Chipseal Construction ELEVEN Practices

Chapter 11 Chipseal Construction Practices ... 11.3.7 Sealing Chip Spread Rates ... • Confirmation of application rate with actual chip sizes determined from testing. These tasks have been discussed in detail in previous chapters. 11.2 Programming and Organising for Sealing


410-3.01 Chip Seal A. Weather and Seasonal Limitations. Bituminous material shall not be applied to a pavement surface when the: 1. Surface has standing water or is saturated. 2. Surface temperature is less than 60°F. 3. Ambient temperature is less than 50°F. 4. Weather conditions would prevent proper construction of the chip seal.

Asphalt Seal-Coat Treatments

A chip seal application corrects raveling and seals small cracks on the old pavement surface while providing a new skid resistant surface. Chip sealing may also be used following crack sealing. If cracked windshields is a significant problem, then volcanic cinders or …


apply fog seal diluted no more than 50/50. do not allow fog to be applied when pilot line present. fog seal is generally applied at .10 - .12 gallons per square yard (diluted) for chip seals. immediately following the fog seal, apply sand cover at a rate of 2 –6 pounds per square yard…

Road Formulas Road Construction Calculations for Succesful ...

This program allows you to make it simple and easy to calculate road and culdesac applications for Chip Seal, Asphalt and Oil Emulsions with precise, exact and instant results. There are many more ways to use this program; these are just a few examples to get you started .

Applications for asphalt emulsions | Asphalt magazine

A double chip seal repeats the procedure using lower emulsion and aggregate application rates. The chips in the second application of aggregate are smaller than those used in the first application. After spreading the aggregate, the chip seal or double chip seal is rolled to seat the aggregate, and broomed to remove any loose chips.


10.2 Minnesota Seal Coat Handbook is the time of day. For example, it may be forecast to be 60ºF at 6:00 AM on July 1 which is a very different indication than if you had a 60ºF at 4:00 PM. Now if it is 60ºF at 4:00 PM, applying a chip seal is not recommended because the temperature will fall after sunset.

Section 505 CHIP SEALS -

Section 505. CHIP SEALS 505.01. Description. This work consists of preparing the pavement surface and providing and placing a single chip seal, double chip seal, or shoulder chip seal. ... application rate within ±0.015 gallons per square yard for each load. 2. Chip Spreader.

Section 7: Surface Treatments - Search

In fact, if applied incorrectly (AC application rates too high, especially in the wheelpaths), chip seals were shown to actually increase the amount of bleeding over time. While a fog seal was also applied to test sections in this study, its effectiveness was limited essentially to anti-oxidation and anti-raveling roles.


Chip Seal Restrictions – Chip seal to be done not before May 14, 2018 or after September 1, 2018. Pavement and air temperature shall be 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Relative humidity shall be less than 75%. Chip seal shall not be placed during rain or fog or if rain is expected, before set ... Fog Seal Application Rate

2020 Tar and Chip Driveway Costs | Chip Seal Per Square ...

HomeAdvisor's Chip Seal Cost Guide provides average per square foot and per mile prices for installing a tar and chip or macadam driveway, road, or parking lot. Calculate and compare costs of chip sealing vs. asphalt paving or gravel.

Calculators - HG Meigs LLC

H.G. Meigs, LLC for 70 years has been a midwest supplier of bituminous products including Asphalt Cements to Asphalt Cutbacks and Asphalt Emulsions. We also have our own dedicated truck fleet with distributor trucks available for customer emulsion applications. Explore our …


The Engineer determines the exact application rate. At the time of application, the temperature of asphalt emulsion must be from 130 to 180 °F for PMCRS-2h and 110 to 180°F for PMRE. Apply asphalt emulsion when the ambient air temperature is from 60 to 105 …

Begin the rate of application for the bituminous material as determined by the mix design. Construct a test strip 200 ft [60 m] long to ensure the bituminous material application rate is adequate given the field conditions. After applying the bituminous material to this test strip, place the seal coat aggregate at the design application rate.

422 Chip Seal With Polymer Binder - Ohio Department of ...

Documentation Requirements – 422 Chip Seal with Polymer Binder . Description (422.01) Chip seal consists of the application of polymer modified asphalt emulsion covered by an aggregate course. It is applied as a single or double chip seal for use as a surface course on …

The Marriage of Fog Seal & Chip Seal

Nov 30, 2011 · Both Hazen and Roggow strive to apply fog seal as soon as possible after completing a chip seal. Hazen also works on a 10-mile stretch of chip sealed road, blocking intersections along the …



Category:409 Seal Coat - Engineering_Policy_Guide

Pull type distributors are not to be used for major or continuous seal coat/chip seal work. The application rate for a bituminous distributor with a positive displacement pump is a function of the spray bar length in feet, the pump discharge in gallons per minute, and the distributor speed in feet per minute.

ITEM 422 CHIP SEAL - Pages

For double chip seal, apply the binder at a minimum rate of 0.34 gallon per square yard (1.54 L/m 2) for the first course and 0.37 gallon per square yard (1.68 L/m 2) for the second course. Maintain the binder temperature from 150 to 185 ° F (65 to 85 ° C) during construction, including the start of each day.

State of Illinois Illinois Department of Transportation

seal may be the best suited for roads with high traffic volumes. A chip seal is laid in the conventional manner. After the chip seal has cured, the loose cover stone is removed. Then the slurry is applied over the seal to fill the voids between the cover stones. Chip Seal A chip seal is an application of asphalt followed with an aggregate cover.

Chip Seal Pavement Chip Seal Treatment Asphalt Resurfacing

Designing Chip Seal. Designers make use of local aggregates and compatible binders while considering climate, traffic count, type, and cost. Once the binder and aggregate are selected, there are procedures to determine the rates of application for each. Chip seal guidelines from ISSA. Applying Chip Seal

Chip Seal - roadresource

Application Rates. The application rate that the distributor will be spraying should be based on the binder application rate that was calculated in the chip seal design. The spray pattern should be inspected right after takeoff to ensure the nozzles are spraying properly and the fan pattern is uniform.

Chip Seal Treatment Types

If modified paving asphalt is applied, it is considered a “hot applied” chip seal as the liquid application temperature is typically between 325 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Smoke will result from the application of modified paving asphalt but should not be of concern.

Cost to Apply Slurry Seal - 2020 Cost Calculator ...

The cost to Apply Slurry Seal starts at $0.47 - $0.78 per square foot, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements. See typical tasks and time to apply slurry seal, along with per unit costs and material requirements. See professionally prepared estimates for slurry seal coating work. The Homewyse slurry seal coating ...

Chip Seal | West Contracting

Chip Seal, at its core, is the application of a liquid polymer modified emulsion (usually CRS-2P or CHFRS-2P) immediately followed by an application of an aggregate (usually a granite trap rock).

Checklist Series 2 Chip Seal Application

Checklist Series 2 Chip Seal Application 2-chip seal-5-3027.qxd 6/8/2003 2:09 PM Page 1. Chip Seal Application Checklist ... spread to determine the actual application rate (kg/m2 or lb/yd2). Chip Seal Application 7 2-chip seal-5-3027.qxd 6/8/2003 2:09 PM Page 7. Traffic Control! The signs and devices used match the traffic


4.3.1 The application rate of polymer modified emulsified asphalt for the chip seal shall be within the limits in Section 2.2. A minimum of 200 gallons (750 Liters) of polymer modified emulsified asphalt shall remain in the distributor tank at all times except for the last shot on the project.

MDT’s Mission is to serve the public by providing a ...

A high asphalt application rate, inadequate chip coverage, poor traffic ... The end result is the loss of skid resistance. Chip seals, if properly designed and constructed, will provide several benefits to the roadway surface: waterproof the surface, seal small cracks, improve skid resistance, and increased pave-ment life. However, chip seals ...

Chip Seal Quality Construction

A chip seal “consists of a uniform spray application of an asphalt binder followed by a uniform application of a graded cover coat aggregate which is then rolled with pneumatic tire rollers over a properly prepared

how to apply a tack coat

If asphalt binder is used and the application rate (and residual amount) is only 0.04 gal. /sq. yd., for example, the nozzle size used should be appropriate to uniformly apply that amount of material. If a 1:1 diluted asphalt emulsion is used and the application rate is 0.18 gal.

10 Seal Coat Placement

The fog seal application rate adjusted for temperature is calculated in the same manner as seal coat asphalt material in Example #1. The required fog seal distributor speed calculation is made in the same manner as Example #2. The actual fog seal application rate …

WSDOT Chip Seals--Optimal Timing, Design, and …

appropriate for chip seals, binder and aggregate application rates, and numerous related details associated with the process. Current WSDOT policy (WSDOT, 2011, Section “BST over New Overlays”) encourages the use of an early application of a chip seal over new HMA wearing courses—this study examines that policy statement

Read "Manual for Emulsion-Based Chip Seals for Pavement ...

Care should be taken whenever applying a fog seal since pavement fric- tion could be reduced if the fog seal is applied at too high an application rate, the fog seal emulsion has a high residue con- tent, or the fog seal has not broken sufficiently to support uncontrolled traffic. 3.3 Chip Seal Selection The type of chip seal used depends on ...


a seal coat adds little or no structural value it is not uncommon to apply a chip seal to a pavement that has structural distresses. A seal coat will often reduce the rate of deterioration until a future improvement is made. MATERIALS A. Asphalt The type of asphalt to use for a seal …


Double Chip Seal, Slurry Seal, and Cape Seal Page 2 of 17 The Engineer reserves the right to approve the source and quantity of the Bituminous Binder and Screenings used. 510.2 Preparation of Surface: The Contractor will prepare the surfaces to be chip sealed by brooming the surfaces with a power broom.

Item 316 Seal Coat -

Apply seal coat when the air temperature is 80°F and above, or above 70°F and rising. In all cases, do not apply seal coat when surface temperature is below 70°F. 4.4.4. Cool Weather Night Air Temperature.

Technical Data Sheet OPTIPAVE™

mended coverage rates. Do not puddle or leave excess material on surface. OptiPave is designed to penetrate the pores of the asphalt while maintaing the pavement profile for traction. Application Rate over Chip Seal: Apply OptiPave at a rate of .18 to .2 gallons per square yard (45-50 square feet per gallon) over chip seal surfaces.

Minnesota Seal Coat Handbook 2006

dealing with fog sealing, chip sealing for recreational trails, and frequently asked questions. This revised Seal Coat Handbook is intended to be a practical tool for the designer and the technician. This revision was sponsored by the Minnesota Local Road Research Board’s

Everything you need to know about Chip Seals and Fog …

2/25/2016 63 RejuvenatingFog Seal Emulsion Gives oxidized asphalt surface new life Application depends on surface Used on existing road surface hot mix or chipseal Applied with asphalt distributor Use proper nozzle size for rate/speed Make sure even coverage no drilling Applied in one direction or depending on surface texture apply ½ desired rate in both

Materials Division Surface Treatment Certification Study …

Surface Treatment is also known as Chip Seal and is defined as an asphalt-aggregate application. Generally, the depth of the application is less than one inch and may be ... For a Type D blotted seal, an application of asphalt, cutback or asphalt emulsion is placed, followed by an application of cover (coarse) aggregate. ... application rate ...


oiled & chipped next week” to notify motorists that a seal coat will be done on the road. Place the “loose stone” sign prior to the seal coat application. Refer to the PennDOT Publication 408 Section 470, Bituminous Seal Coat for guidance and acceptable materials and proper construction. The contractor must submit a seal coat

WYDOT Highway Chip Seal | Laramie, WY - Official Website

WYDOT Highway Chip Seal. WYDOT officials advise motorists that chip seal season is underway on state roadways. Knife River Corporation is the contractor for the work in southeast Wyoming which will continue into July. Travelers in the following locations will experience delays due to pilot car operations.

Bituminous Surface Treatments - Pavement Interactive

Jul 19, 2011 · Bituminous surface treatments (BST) refer to a range of techniques that can be used to create a stand-alone drivable surface on a low volume road, or rehabilitate an existing pavement. Usually, the term is used to describe a seal coat or chip seal, which is constructed by spraying a layer of emulsified asphalt, and placing a layer of aggregate on top. . BSTs can be applied directly to a base ...

EB 15-031 New York State Department of EI …

New York State Department of Transportation ENGINEERING ... Creates a material item for Chip Seals. This item is a variation on the traditional emulsion used for chip seals. The new item will be ... The application rate shall be as determined in Table 407-1 Tack Coat Application Rates. These are

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Road Formulas, Road Repair Application Now anyone can make quick, easy and precise calculation in the field and at the office. With Successful Roads road formula calculator , you can eliminate the need to learn and memorize dozens of formulas needed for road construction and repair work.


Single/Double Chip Seal Treatments to be opened at 3:05 p.m., May 3, 2012". The Board of County ... 2.2 APPLICATION RATES & SPRAYING – Properly calibrated distributor trucks shall be used to apply the emulsion. Spray nozzles with 4 to 5 mm (1/8” to 3/16”) openings

SPR-1649 - Development of an Acceptance Test for Chip …

algorithms were developed and used to analyze chip seal samples. Forty-eight (48) chip seal cores were collected from eight different locations in Michigan and analyzed. Moreover, forty (40) laboratory samples were fabricated to investigate the impact of the binder and aggregate application rates on the percent embedment.

2019 Pavement Preservation Program - Chip, Fog and Slurry ...

Chip seals are relatively inexpensive, as compared to conventional hot mix asphalt overlays, and are fast and easy process (usually completed in 24 hours or less). A chip seal can extend pavement life by 5 to 7 years. Fog Seal. A fog seal is a light application of a diluted slow-setting asphalt emulsion to the surface of an aged pavement surface.